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"After teaching for more than 35 years, I can tell you that Dr. Seetner is one of the most intelligent & clinically skilled orthodontists I have ever taught. More importantly, he is a wonderful human being. I would, unequivocally, entrust my family to his care."
"Dr. Seetner cares greatly about his patients. He is truly dedicated to catering to your individual needs & providing you with an incredible smile. HIGHLY recommended!"


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As a specialty clinic, we believe that the quality of your care should be second to none. Our treatment is carried out with accuracy, precision, and attention to detail. We go the extra mile in understanding your unique needs, customizing your plan, and creating your confident, radiant smile.

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At Orthodontics on Queen, we want your experience to be as easy as can be. Orthodontics in Toronto have evening and weekend appointments to satisfy your busy schedule, and a state-of-the-art clinic for smooth and comfortable visits.

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We believe in staying up-to-date with the latest technology. We use Silicon-Valley based engineering, 3D printing, and NASA-derived materials in order to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time.


Next Generation Braces

Gone are the days of clunky braces, stiff wires, and extreme forces.

We use low-profile, rounded braces, and light forces so that your cheeks, tongue, and teeth are far more comfortable. We have braces for adults and kids in The Beaches, Toronto. Our braces come in clear, white gold, metal and silver, and we can add in over a dozen different colours.

We offer our services for Toronto, East York, East End, The Beaches, The Beach,Danforth, Leslieville, Birchcliffe, Riverdale, and Scarborough.

Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®

You and your child may be eligible for treatment with Invisalign®.

Invisalign® uses clear, removeable trays to gradually move your teeth and align your smile. Dr. Seetner is a certified Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® provider, and he has received extensive specialty and fellowship training in Invisalign® therapy.

Early and Interceptive Treatment

Early treatment, also known as Phase I treatment, often begins between the ages of 7 and 9.

Goals of early treatment may include correcting abnormal jaw development or creating space for permanent teeth. We will carefully monitor your child’s growth and development and provide early treatment only when necessary.

Digital Impressions

In the past, going to the orthodontist meant getting gooey impressions of your teeth.

At Orthodontics on Queen, we do not take gooey impressions. Instead, we use 3D scanners to take quick and easy “digital impressions” of your teeth. From these digital molds we can then fabricate the appliances that we need.

Dr. Jordan Seetner


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Dr. Seetner commenced his professional training at Queen’s University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. He then attended the University of Pennsylvania to complete a Doctorate of Dental Medicine, and was inducted into the Matthew Cryer Honours Society for graduating at the top of his class. Following dental school, he pursued specialty training in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at Tufts University in Boston. During his educational career Dr. Seetner was involved in numerous research projects, and was honoured to present his thesis at several conferences internationally.  

Dr. Seetner is a clinical instructor of orthodontics at the University of Toronto, and a visiting lecturer at Tufts University. He is currently a member of the Ontario Association of Orthodontists, Canadian Association of Orthodontists, American Association of Orthodontists, and an active member of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity.

Dr. Seetner continuously pursues his passion for learning. He has completed the Aligner Intensive Fellowship and Invisalign Teen Edge programs for advanced training in Invisalign®. Dr. Seetner is committed to providing the highest quality treatment, and strongly believes in patient-centred care. He is thrilled to work at Orthodontics on Queen, and be a part of the Toronto Beaches community!

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